Grass Fed Beef Vs. Grain Fed Beef

First of all, cows don't naturally eat grains.. They eat grass. So if you’re feeding a cow an unnatural diet it only makes sense that the meat is going to be unnatural and tainted. The classic idiom, “you are what you eat” is actually very true, not just to humans but to all animals as well. although you can get by eating those grain fed beefs, you are truly missing out on the micro nutrient density that you would be getting out of a cleaner grass fed beef. Going beyond the difference in nutrional value, we can look at the ethical side of things when debating grass fed vs. grain fed. grass fed is better for the environment, better for the overall health and life of cows, and above all a much more natural approach to attaining meat. Raising, killing, and cultivation these animals should be done in an ethical and humane way and shouldn’t be done with a profitable approach in mind.. feeding these animals hormone infested grains to fatten them up at a more rapid rate to get more beef out of each cow in a more timely fashion is somthing that should disturb everyone, this is our health people! No amount of dollar signs should be able to get in the way of that. I’m no expert, but from my own experience there is a noticable difference in the way you feel when you switch to these healthier beefs. Although slightly pricer its very worth it.. a much bigger BANG for your buck with these choices of grass fed beefs from a nutritional stand point. The more we spread this logical thought, the quicker we can take these giant unethical beef manufacturing corporations out of the picture. Theres a reason why 69% of the U.S. population is obese and it goes beyond just “over eating”, its quite clear it lies in the food quality. This mad money sport society we have created has allowed us to become so disconnected that we willing sacrifice our own health to make that extra buck, after all convenience trumps all.. A mad world indeed. My goal by spreading this information is to make people more aware and consious of the things they use to fuel their bodies.. subconcious eating is a recipe for more chronic illness than one can handle. One day at a time people, I know how tasty those juicy thick cut hormone packed grain feed beefs are.. but unfortunately short term mouth pleasure doesn't give you long term sustainable and focused energy. July2114 097 Fitness Specialist Kevin Louwers CoreFit Fitness, Novi MI