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Why Choose CoreFit Fitness?

We call our Personal Trainers “Fitness Specialists”, and there’s a good reason for that! CoreFit is about complete fitness, and not just training. Our Personal Trainers are knowledgeable in the best fitness techniques, the most up to date nutrition information, and everything it takes for you to reach your goals!

CoreFit selects only the BEST individuals to be on our team; Personal Trainers who specialize in a variety of different fields so no matter what your goal is (weight loss, looking good, running a marathon etc.) we can help you achieve it!

Your Fitness is Our Mission

At CoreFit Fitness we aim to be the best Personal Training facility in the Metro Detroit area. We don’t plan to be the best by spending a ton of money on marketing schemes, or making promises we can’t keep, or selling you things that dont work, or that you don’t need. Here’s how we plan to be the best:

Get Results

What would we be if our clients weren’t meeting their goals? A Personal Trainer can make promises all day long, but without real results, you’ve got nothing! We make promises we can keep, and reaching your goals is one of those promises.

Have FUN!

If your fitness program and nutrition plan are boring, you aren’t going to stick to it. The backbone to reaching RESULTS is to set you up for SUCCESS! We pride ourselves on being up-to-date on the best exercises, fitness programs, wellness information, and everything to help our clients reach their goals- So if kettlebells, TRX, Functional Exercises, boxing, soccer, Pilates, or tire flipping keeps you on the road to your goal, we’re going to do it!

Like Nothing Else

With obesity becoming an epidemic, and with so many gyms and training facilities, there shouldn’t be an obesity epidemic, right?? The solution isn’t MORE gyms and MORE training, it’s the RIGHT gym and the RIGHT training! To change lives and truly help people reach their goals, we’ve committed to doing things differently, not just because it sounds cool, but because our approach really works. We are proud to serve the Metro Detroit area, and change the lives of as many as we can reach- We’re ready for YOU, so give us a call now! Let us show you the difference between CoreFit Fitness and every other facility, you’ll see it your ability to stick to it, and our ability to deliver real results!

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