About Us

CoreFit Fitness isn’t just about strength and fitness; it’s about gaining the knowledge and confidence to overcome obstacles, embracing healthy eating, having a lot of fun, and making sure you reach your goals!
Ask us about our certifications. We’re not shy. We promise you the best, most knowledgeable, certified personal trainers in the Detroit area. We want you to achieve your vision of yourself, meet your goals, and, most of all, succeed!
We encourage you to come out and meet us. Give us a call, and we’ll show you the CoreFit Fitness difference!

We don’t just train your body.
We train you to change your lifestyle AND your life!

We’re not just about strength and fitness; we’re about helping you build strength for life by shaping your mind and body through exercise, nutrition, and focus.
We make working out fun! We don’t rely on conventional techniques and equipment. We teach you to USE your body to SHAPE your body and build strength and fitness using innovative, effective, and unexpected programs!
We are different. We believe in building strength for life! Change is possible for anyone, and we are DRIVEN to help you succeed. We can help you reshape your body and life with INNOVATIVE, customized programs. We will teach you how to be FEARLESS. We will make fitness FUN!

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Location 22807 Heslip Drive, Novi, MI 48375

Hours Mon.-Sun 6am-10pm

Phone 248-470-0995

Email [email protected]