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Welcome To CoreFit Fitness

 Why Use a Personal Trainer?

With both your trainer and yourself focused on your goals, your chances for success are much higher than going through this process alone. Your trainer will help guide you nutritionally and will help you with your fitness routine outside of the training session Provide a progressive training regimen that is specifically designed for you Help build your self confidence, change your lifestyle, loose weight, build muscle, and more

CoreFit Fitness Mission

Our mission is to improve your life through Health, Fitness and Performance. CoreFit Fitness personal training will push you further than you ever thought was possible. You will feel better, look better, live longer, and be amazed at what your new body can do.  CoreFit Fitness is home to the best and most knowledgeable personal trainers in the Detroit Area .  All trainers have degrees in related fields and are also nutritionists. Designed exclusively by CoreFit Fitness Training, this systematic and integrated Total Body training, conditioning and rehabilitation program will be customized for every client to reach any goal.

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