Family Training

Personal Trainer  Novi
Personal Training NoviAt CoreFit, we believe in keeping families together as a group.  Our goal is to help maintain a healthy lifestyle through exercise, healthy eating and having families work together as a team which leads to a unified effort of changing poor nutrition into healthy life habits and makes maintaining their new lifestyle more manageable.
 Our family workout sessions, led by one of our Fitness Specialists, combine fun, family and friends for a healthy dose of fitness for all.  Mom and dad get fit while spending time with friends, and kids have fun while being around their family.
 It’s no secret that keeping physically active Personal Training novimakes you feel better, have more energy and live longer.  Active kids are more likely to perform and behave better at school.  For both adults and children getting fit and staying fit helps maintain a healthy weight range, fights off disease, improves your mood and boosts energy.  At CoreFit getting fit and achieving your health and weight loss goals also gives families an excuse to do more together and spend more time with friends!

With all the positives, what’s stopping you from starting today?

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