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personal training noviOur private studio training programs are as diverse and unique as our clients.  All  programs start with an initial consultation where we define your goals, assess your fitness and posture and then we design a training program to maximize your results.  Call or Text  734 - 674 -5295.   
Our facility is designed to be judgment free.  When our clients walk in the door, they know they will be accepted and respected no matter what their fitness level. CoreFit Fitness improves all functions of the body. It is about training body movement patterns which has a high carryover to real life, whether it is in the workplace or playing sport, rather than training on isolated muscles.  Our facility has the latest and state-of-the-art functional equipment which allow us to develop strength and conditioning programs not seen in most gyms or replicated on machines found in commercial gyms.
Corefit Fitness
Each individual is unique in the way he or she moves and functions.  What is functional for one individual may not be functional for you due to your goals. Therefore, the strength and conditioning program must be customized especially for you and accordingly to the way your body functions to optimize performance and get results faster. Everybody needs functional training because it improves balance, speed, strength, and power. This program is best for anybody who likes the one-on-one coaching relationship. Whether your goal is from getting in shape, losing weight, gaining muscles mass to running a marathon, we design customized strength and conditioning programs based on functional training to reach your goals faster.  Call or Text  734 - 674 -5295 to find out more information. CoreFit Fitness is also great for someone who is looking for something new unlike the conventional gym’s program, and/or wants to train like an athlete without being a professional one.