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Maybe it’s a personal goal, New Years resolution, or you are looking to get fit for better health. Whatever your reason’re on the right track! This is where Trainer Rod comes in. Having a good trainer is like finding the easy button to achieving better health, which makes the journey fun and rewarding. With each session I will help you perform your best at the safest level for you. Using my experience and knowledge I’ll be able to teach you new and fun techniques that will produce results. So...let’s start the journey to becoming fit together today.

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At CoreFit Fitness are personal trainers provide a variety of training specialties that will suite your fitness routine such as weight loss training, kick boxing, strength building , and self defense. In addition are trainers can provide you with nutrition planning that will help to ensure that get you into shape and stay healthy while working to achieve your fitness goals .

  • Weight Loss
  • Boxing
  • Strength Training
  •  Nutrition Planning
  •  Self Defense
  •  Kick Boxing
  • Kettle Bell Training
  •  TRX Suspension Training
  • Athletic Development
  • Race Development (5k, 10k, 1/2, Full Marathon)
  • Bootcamps
  • Experience with ages 6-88 years

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CoreFit Fitness provides you with some Personal Training Options that are meant to suite your schedule and personal workout routine. You have the option to work with your personal trainer in the gym, home, or office. We also offer Small Group Training if you wish for one of our personal trainers train more then one person at a time.

• Private In-Home Training • Private In-Gym Training • Private In-Office Training • Small Group Training

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The exciting new CoreFit Fitness Weight Loss Program is nothing less than inspiring, helping you end the obsession with food, lean out and become a stronger, healthier you. Our Fitness Specialists are passionate about seeing you succeed. CoreFit believes change is possible for anyone and our new customized weight loss program is not a DIET…it’s a new way of life.

Special needs fitness program

We have created a program tailored to individuals that live with neurological differences that make it difficult to find a place or trainer that is the right fit. We are constantly educating our Fitness Specialists on what the fitness, health, and nutrition needs are for those with special needs or depression, and how they may differ from the neurotypical individual. While our program is built around fitness and healthy eating, there is heavy emphasis on therapeutic and social benefits. Helping individuals feel good about themselves, feel empowered, encouraged, and accepted in our facility is our #1 goal.

Corporate fitness

A successful program takes time and constantly evolves so it can be integrated into the fabric of the company’s culture. Corporate wellness is not just one solution. It is the culmination of many solutions that work together under one strategy. It involves layers of physical activity, education, communication, incentives, and a long term commitment.
CoreFit Fitness not only offers on-site wellness in the form of physical fitness, but we also implement the most advanced nutrition program available!

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 Kids often get down on themselves when trying to lose weight, and a personal trainer is a professional who can encourage them and help them confident in their ability to achieve their goals. Our Novi Fitness Specialists are trained in the best ways to help kids get fit and learn to stay healthy throughout life. Our goal isn’t just to help kids drop weight; it’s to teach them how to live a healthy life on their own. Some children, due to genetics, medication, or other factors may always struggle with their weight and ensuring that they understand healthy and effective ways to manage their health is essential.