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Personal Training Novi   Personal Training Novi How’s that cube treating you? Tired of having to live around your job instead of working your job around your life? Would you like to wear a mullet wig and pretend you’re Fabio in front of an industrial sized fan? I bet your floor manager won’t appreciate your sweet dance moves, and you know what, that’s his problem. At CoreFit Fitness we spend time thinking up new, often times strange, and innovative ideas (ask us about the Swaggon, and William The Giraffe). We’re looking to add a few motivated individuals whose mental soundness could occasionally be called into question; but in the good way!

Fitness Specialists and Instructors:

Does helping people change their lives and reach their goals sound like the perfect job? Do you get excited about being covered from head to toe in your own sweat? Are you passionate about Kettlebells, TRX, Bosu Balls, and Hula-Hoops? This might be the job for you! Also, can you kill spiders? Not that we have a spider problem, but they come around now and then, and currently the team is dominated by arachnophobes. It’s not required, but it’s a plus. Uses specialized educational experience and training combined with independent judgment to ensure quality in all areas of the Fitness Center, including but not limited to;

Personal Training Novi• Exercise program design.

• Fitness testing.

• Nutritional advice.

• Customer service.

• Group exercise.

• Other Fitness Center and/or departmental initiatives.


This position also requires the following

• Basic studio cleaning. • Willingness to respond to emails in a prompt manner. • Willingness to use company systems to maintain excellence. • Willingness to attend company meetings every 2 weeks.

The Dream Team is made up of some choice individuals who kick-butt every day and if you want a spot on the team, these are the things we live by:

1) Have no Ego, and be open to critique. Even TrainerRod is open to change and growth and we believe that constructive criticism is a path to growth and fosters the creative and innovative soul. 2) Don’t Stop. There will never be a time where CoreFit will reach a plateau and stay there, we will continue to grow endlessly, and we seek team members who refuse to sit still, who cannot stop, who will not accept the status quo. 3) Take risks. Without risk, there is no return. Step out of your comfort zone and your role, and reach out to something new and uncomfortable. We believe that to be something different, and to be the very best at what we do, we must take risks and grow in a multitude of directions. 4) Think on your feet and solve problems. We work in a fast-paced environment, and I’m not going to sugar-coat it; it’s absolute chaos. If you can constantly shift your focus, re-prioritize, and run with an ever-changing process- you’ll fit right in. 5) Be Detail-oriented. The small things matter, no question about it, and because we provide the tools to keep your work sharp, we expect you to utilize those tools to give out the raddest work! 6) Be Real. At CoreFit things ALWAYS get “REAL REAL”, and we need team members who subscribe to this idea. We rely on each individual and their particular skill-set to be awesome- this means that you’re here when we need you, and that you’re giving us your best, because we are happy to give you our best! If a task is something that is outside of your skill-set, we expect you to be real about it so that we can have another team member tackle it. personal training noviPersonal Training Novi.   Novi  Personal Training Novi . Personal Training Novi.