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Special Needs Fitness Program Novi

Special Needs Fitness Program Novi

Special Needs Fitness Program Novi   Special Needs Fitness Program NoviEveryone should have access to fitness that meets their needs, not just physically, but emotionally and psychologically. For the average person this is not hard to find, but for those who live with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), Bipolar Disorder, ADHD, Down’s Syndrome, Social Anxiety, Depression, and similar hurdles that make finding the right fitness program or instructor can be difficult. Individuals, as well as parents of those who are struggling when it comes to getting into a fitness program since many of them are geared towards the neurotypical individual. We have created a program tailored to individuals that live with neurological differences that make it difficult to find a place or trainer that is the right fit. We are constantly educating our Fitness Specialists on what the fitness, health, and nutrition needs are for those with special needs or depression, and how they may differ from the neurotypical individual. While our program is built around fitness and healthy eating, there is heavy emphasis on therapeutic and social benefits. Helping individuals feel good about themselves, feel empowered, encouraged, and accepted in our facility is our #1 goal.

Fitness is Fitness

Special Needs Fitness Program NoviThere is really no fancy specialized equipment needed for training children and adults with special needs, there is no radically different exercise program to be implemented. Fitness is fitness, the difference is how it’s implemented and how it’s applied to each individual. This is not a one size fits all program, because ASD, Down’s Syndrome, Anxiety and other “disorders” are not one size fits all! The program is tailored to each individual and their needs as far as fitness, health, nutrition, education, and their own personal goals. Everyone, no matter who they are, wants to feel like they are reaching goals, big or small! The therapeutic effects that physical activity can have on an individual is well documented in research literature, and the one-on-one time with a professional trainer is amazing!

One-On-One Benefits

Many kids who have special needs feel left out, and feel like they do not fit in with their peers, this can lead to hesitation towards physical activity, with competition an a lack of confidence can make this even worse. Training one-on-one with a professional can eliminate the fear of being judged, and with positive fitness specialists they can gain confidence in their abilities (some they will learn, others that they already have!), and themselves! Instilling confidence and removing the atmosphere of judgment relieves the hesitation that can come along with physical fitness.


Raising a child with special needs comes with unique challenges. Often times the task of helping your child adapt to the work around them can be daunting, and overwhelming. People understand cancer, diabetes and the community rallies around the family. Children with Autism, Asperger’s, ADHD, Depression, Social Anxiety, Down’s Syndrome, or anger issues may be misunderstood, get labelled by peers, friends, teachers, and have few friends. It’s not unusual to be spurned by your own family because raising kids with neurological differences is often times challenging. It is lonely for both the children – and their parents.

iStock_000022263805XSmall-300x214 Parents always want the best for their children; you want them to grow up happy and healthy. Since any social or neurological difference comes with many challenges that are different for each individual, programs and people involved need to be adaptive and many people and programs are not willing to do that. Parents search for something to help their children become healthy and happy, and with the road to these things being so different from that of what society paves for most kids, parents find themselves trudging through the woods to find the right things for their child, since no two children are the same. special_needs_child__1_1_9786 Coping with the challenges that come along with trying to find the best resources and programs is stressful, plain and simple. We strive to offer programs that ARE adaptive to the individual child, and often times families as well. CoreFit is a safe, judgment free zone that provides an environment where NO child fails! We look to build confidence, self-esteem, health, and a sense of belonging. Being treated differently in day-to-day life can feel like a world of fail to anyone, especially children- Not at CoreFit. ENGAGE is set up to be a program about uplifting, positivity, self-esteem, and achievement. We don’t do failure, and in our program there are NO losers! iStock_000003410179Medium copy At CoreFit we understand that it can be very difficult to get kids motivated or interested in fitness, especially when they are dealing with neurological differences. We design our program in a way that is easily tailored to the needs of the individual. Whether the goal is weight loss, athletic ability, building confidence, or just keeping active and healthy, we make it work for your child with their specific needs and goals being the focus of their personalized program. While it is essential that your child feel like they belong here and fit in, we want families to feel like this is a safe place for them, too! The CoreFit family accepts and celebrates every individual for exactly who they are. We are not here to change who your child is, we are here to help you and your child down a unique road to health and happiness.

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Special Needs Fitness Program Novi.Special Needs Fitness Program Novi.Special Needs Fitness Program Novi. Special Needs Fitness Program Novi.Special Needs Fitness Program Novi.