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RGB-LogoThe exciting new CoreFit Fitness Weight Loss Program is nothing less than inspiring, helping you end the obsession with food, lean out and become a stronger, healthier you. Our Fitness Specialists are passionate about seeing you succeed. CoreFit believes change is possible for anyone and our new customized weight loss program is not a DIET…it’s a new way of life.  We will help you overcome the obstacles that have held you back and teach you how to change your life through clean eating, become leaner through fun and innovative group session workouts, and teach you what to do when you aren’t with your Fitness Specialist.

Our fat-burning nutrition program will completely change the way you eat.  Simplified through years of experience, our nutrition plan is simple, healthy, and best of all – no dieting!  We teach you when and what to eat for maximum results.  

 This All-Inclusive Program Includes:
• Nutrition plans and food journal logging
• Monthly weight counseling sessions
• Weekly full body assessment
• Weekly workout plans
• Constant contact with a Fitness Specialist via email, text  and phone.

Here’s what you can expect

Fitness Specialist:  Each CoreFit client is assigned to his or her own Fitness Specialist who oversees each aspect of the weight loss program.  Clients are assigned to a specific Specialist based on their goals, personality, and special needs to ensure a great working relationship.


Accountability:  Life can get in the way of everyone’s exercise program from time-to-time, and your Specialist is there to help you through those rough times with motivating phone calls when you miss workouts, encouraging emails when you’re struggling nutritionally and reassurance when it seems like your goals are insurmountable.

Full Body Assessment:  Numbers never lie, and this is certainly true with your body fat measurement.  Weekly body fat assessments with your Fitness Specialist can reassure you if you’re achieving your goals and motivate you if you’re falling short.

Nutrition Plans:  Individual nutritional plans are set forth by your Fitness Specialist based on your unique fitness and body composition goals.  Weekly food log analysis ensures that you follow the nutritional changes necessary to achieve your goals in the shortest time possible and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Exercise Plan:  Your Fitness Specialist will design a workout for you based on your unique goals and lifestyle.

Workout Log Review:  Your Fitness Specialist will review your weekly workout log to ensure you are on the right track to hitting your desired fitness goals.
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100% Satisfaction Guarantee

At CoreFit Fitness, our mission is to help provide you with the perfect workout which will allow you to achieve the results you seek in your personal health and physical fitness.  We are committed as your personal trainers to help guide you towards success with achieving results by providing a workout that meets your needs.  We guarantee that you you will be 100% satisfied with our expertise and that you will be physically fit.

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For a FREE consultation and more information in regard to the types of workout you’re looking for, please contact your choice of CoreFit Fitness Specialist by email or phone.  We are looking forward to helping you achieve the goals and results in your health and physical fitness.

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